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Existing Worker Traineeships

An Existing Worker Traineeship is available to any student who has begun/will begin their traineeship after 3 months of beginning full time employment or 12 months of part time employment with their service or after 3 months of completing a pre-requisite qualification.

Like any traineeship, you’ll gain on the job experience whilst completing a qualification and will receive support and feedback from both your employer and METS throughout the duration of your studies. However, unlike New Entrant Traineeships, the NSW State Government does not fund METS for Existing Worker Traineeships and therefore METS must invoice the employer to cover the training costs. In most cases the incentives the employer receives from the Commonwealth Government will offset these costs.

To be eligible for an Existing Worker Traineeship a student must:

  • Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Have worked for more than 3 months full time or 12 months part time with their current employer or have completed the pre-requisite qualification more than 3 months prior.


Training costs for Existing Worker Traineeships are invoiced to the employer in 3 intervals and are in most cases offset by incentives. Further to this, an enrolment fee applies, with a bond being returned from this fee upon successful completion of the qualification.

RPL is available.

Do you have untrained existing workers who are keen to study their Certificate III or IV?
Due to changes in Existing Worker rules and nominal durations, eligible untrained existing workers within the Children’s Services, Disability, Aged Care and Enrolled Nursing sectors can now complete a Certificate III or IV traineeship!
What’s changed?
Previously: For your employees to be eligible to participate in an existing worker traineeship, the full time nominal duration of the qualification needed to be 24 months or higher. This meant that Certificate III & IV traineeships with a nominal full time duration of 12 months were not included in the eligible list of existing worker qualifications.
Now: Due to changes in existing worker rules and nominal durations, you can now sign up your employees into existing worker traineeships which lead to skills in the areas of Children’s Services, Disability, Aged Care and Enrolled Nursing, no matter what their full time nominal durations.
What does this mean for your service?
This means that you can now sign up both new and existing workers to complete a Certificate III or IV traineeship thereby providing your employees with more support during training and making training more cost effective for your service.
To enrol or for more information, call 02 9838 0567 or email

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Last Modified: 20/05/2019 3:22 PM