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Employment Based Training


This means that enrolling your staff in a METS Children’s Services traineeship may allow them to receive regular face to face visits by a professional and qualified METS trainer, providing training and assessment on site with personalised and quality support.
So how exactly does METS Employment Based Training work?
Your trainee will receive onsite visits by their METS trainer/assessor, who will present and discuss the course materials in depth and will answer any questions or concerns your trainee may have then and there on the spot. Along with this, your trainee’s on the job skills will be assessed during visits in consultation with the onsite representative. METS wants to ensure your trainee is receiving holistic training and developing a full understanding of each unit of competency within their qualification so that theoretical work and practical skills meet the National Standard.
Does an Employment Based Traineeship cost our service extra?
Definitely not. Employment Based New Entrant traineeships incur the same enrolment fee as distance traineeships, the only difference being that your trainee will receive face to face visits from a qualified trainer/assessor with this choice of delivery.
Will my trainee receive support in between trainer visits?
Absolutely! Both you and your trainee will receive the contact details of their nominated trainer to use at any time in-between visits. Trainees can ask questions regarding course materials or their traineeship, and so can you. Of course you can always contact the METS office on 02 9838 0567 for quality support and advice from one of our help-desk trainers or office staff too. 
I have a staff member with specific learning needs. Can METS give them extra support?
Of course! All your trainee needs to do is specify to METS and their apprenticeship centre on enrolment that they would benefit from additional assistance and we’ll be happy to look at what supports maybe best suited. This can include additional tutorial visits with their METS trainer. If your trainee discovers difficulties part way through their traineeship, we’ll also be happy to  explore what additional assistance may be available. Just be sure to let us know!
Can METS also cater to trainees from non-English speaking backgrounds?
 Definitely. All METS course materials are written in an accessible format. And naturally, as your trainee will receive visits from their METS trainer, they’ll have the opportunity to clarify their understanding of the course work face to face. And on top of all of this, your trainee may be offered the opportunity to clarify their theory responses with their trainer/assessor and possibly establish competency based on a combination of written and verbal assessment. 
Does METS offer Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer?
We certainly do. If your trainee has received competency in a current unit of their qualification previously, or have 5 or more years on the floor experience working in the sector, METS are happy to offer Credit Transfer and/or assistance to work towards a qualification via
Recognition of Prior Learning.

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Last Modified: 20/05/2019 3:21 PM