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For Employers

How can I find a trainee?
Finding a trainee is similar to finding any new team member. You will need to advertise the position and conduct interviews to find suitable candidates. In certain circumstances METS can suggest individuals within your area looking for a traineeship however we can only simply forward them your details and can not provide any further recruitment assistance at this stage.

Is there a minimum amount of hours per week my team member will need to work to be eligible for a traineeship?
Yes. Your team member will need to be working at least 15 hours per week to be eligible for a Part-Time traineeship. Unfortunately casual staff can not commence a traineeship.

How do I enrol my trainee with METS?
Simply give METS a call between 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday to arrange to enrol your new trainee.

What happens after enrolment?
Once METS process your trainee’s enrolment, we will send through an invoice for the training costs. Upon payment or payment arrangement, we will assign your trainee an assessor and they will be in contact with you to organise a time for induction. Your trainee will receive their first units from their trainer on this day.

Will my trainee need to leave the service at any time for any face to face training?
No. A METS trainer will visit your centre to conduct training and assessment on the premises. This means you won’t need to worry about replacing your trainee on the floor.

How often will my trainee receive visits from their trainer?
Depending on the qualification and units of study, the trainee will receive visits from their trainer every 6-8 weeks. They we be assessed on both their written and on the job skills.       

What is the difference between a New Entrant Trainee and an Existing Worker Trainee?
A New Entrant Trainee is any participant who has begun/will begin their traineeship within 3 months of full time employment or 12 months of part time employment with their service. The NSW state Government funds METS for these traineeships and therefore the only cost incurred to the participant /employer is the enrolment fee. Concessions do apply and incentives are available to eligible employers.
An Existing Worker Trainee is any participant who has begun/will begin their traineeship after 3 months of full time employment or 12 months of part time employment with their service. Unlike New Entrant Traineeships, the NSW State Government does not fund METS for Existing Worker Traineeships and therefore METS must invoice the employer to cover the training costs. In most cases the incentives the employer receives from the Commonwealth Government will offset these costs.

How can I find out what incentives my service will be eligible for?
You can visit to receive updated information regarding employer incentives or alternatively contact your Australian Apprenticeship Centre. METS do not arrange employer incentives and can only provide general information regarding these payments.

Should my trainee get paid time at work to complete their assessments & learning?
Yes. Your trainee should be withdrawn from routine work duties, with pay, for a minimum of 3 hours per week for the purpose of undertaking formal training/learning/assessment activities*. Contact METS if you have any concerns regarding this time on 02 9838 0567. (*Extracted from NSW Apprenticeship/Traineeship – Training Plan as per NSW DEC State Training Services regulations.)

My trainee has been at my service for over a year, full time, completing their Cert III traineeship. Does this mean they will be considered an Existing Worker if I roll them over to Diploma Training?
No. You will have 3 months from the time of your trainee’s Certificate III completion to roll them over to a Diploma traineeship to still be considered a New Entrant. They will need to complete the traineeship as an Existing Worker if they are not enrolled within this 3 month time frame.

One of my staff members has years of experience within the sector however hasn’t received a formal qualification. Can this experience be used towards gaining a qualification?
In most cases, yes. Your staff member could undergo the process of Recognition of Prior Learning to obtain a qualification. It is best to speak to a METS representative regarding eligibility and pricing or click here for further information. 


Last Modified: 20/05/2019 3:25 PM